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"In June of 2001 I started seeking care at Dr. Cree's office. Today, I no longer suffer from any back pain. In addition, I have been able to take long walks with my dog, work in my garden and resume all the daily activities I did before. Dr. Cree and her staff create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for their patients. I look forward to my weekly visits with Dr. Cree and her dog Bailey who never fails to greet me on my arrival."
C.F. (95 years young)

"Dr. Cree is such a warm hearted person and I can't speak highly enough about her. She is so knowledgeable in her profession and yet so compassionate and caring. Her office is very inviting with her dog Bailey that will always greet you upon arrival. All in all, it has been nothing but a positive experience for me and I am so grateful and so blessed!"


"She has amazing healing hands. I have a lot of stress in my life and she can just work it out. I highly recommend her. She is the best in the business. Once you go you will be hooked. We all must take care of our bodies."

"I am 52 years young and getting younger everyday thanks to Dr. Cree. I started to see Dr. Cree in 1999. Since seeing Dr. Cree and her staff which includes Bailey her dog...I have been the healthiest I have ever been! Even most colds can’t get their grip on me. I owe it all to Dr. Cree and her dedication to keeping me well. "No Doctor I have ever met cares more or will do more for you to make sure you are on a healthy road." As far as I can tell in my 52 years on this earth there are certain things you need to have to assist you in creating a stress free life. 1.) An honest car mechanic. 2.) An accountant who won’t run off with your money. 3.) A great hair dresser.However, having a Doctor that cares more about your health then perhaps even you…. Is priceless……. If you aren’t already seeing Dr. Cree what are you waiting for??"

"In an era where one can experience impersonal medical care and long waits to see the doctor, it's reassuring to know that will not be my experience when seeking treatment from Dr. Cree. From the moment I walk through the office door and am greeted by her lab, Bailey, and office staff, there's an aura of positive energy one can't help notice and be affected by. Regarding my wellness concerns whether I'm having sciatic nerve pain, allergies or torn ankle tendons, I know I will be in competent, caring hands during treatment. And laughter is always part of the cure. It's evident that Dr. Cree has a passion for chiropractic. During the four years I have been consistently receiving treatment, I've never felt better."
IMF (age 69)