Meet Bailey

Bailey, our sweet angel in Heaven!

October 26, 2015

To Bailey’s friends,

You were blessed to have been in the light of Bailey’s life. This is the story of Bailey and me. Almost 16 years ago on Christmas day, Bailey Bunkins, formerly known as “White Feather”, came into my life unexpectedly. She was living in a van with little hope. She was covered in skin infections, body sores and wounds that were so infected on her ears they almost had to amputate the tips. Since that moment we have been inseparable. We lived a full life together…a life of adventure AND relaxation. Anyone that knew Bailey knew how good she was at relaxing…LOL. We spent many days hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding and floating down the Truckee river drinking beer… we lived outside all year just soaking up the snow, clouds, rain and especially the sun. We slept almost every night together…. we cuddled and kissed constantly throughout every day. I loved her breath and breathed it in every chance I had (and near the end it was really bad breath…LOL). Her eyes and beautiful white lashes pierced me with love so deep it’s just not possible to describe the depth in words… it penetrated my soul in places I’ve never experienced! She loved me 100% from the beginning to the end of her earthly life. She was by my side most every minute of every day! Everything I did included her…. everything!

It was two years ago Bailey was diagnosed with a spleen tumor. At that time her vet said she had only a few months to live, but little did she know the strength of this angel. So when that dreaded moment arrived, I cuddled up with her in bed and held her all night. I held her so tight there was barely any air passing between our bodies. I kissed her lips and breathed her breath non-stop. I held her paws in my hands so tight it was painful to unwrap them at times. I snuggled her beautiful white fur, as I often did. I told her it was not possible to love someone more than I loved her. I whispered to her it was ok and she could “let go”… I knew her only worry was if I was going to be ok. I assured her I would, but my life would never be the same without her. I knew God was waiting for her loving soul. With a steady stream of tears running down my face, I told her how blessed I was for her giving me such happiness and for her unwavering companionship and unimaginable love all these years. I whispered to her how grateful I was that she chose me. She was the greatest gift of my life!

And then with gentle assistance she made the transition to be with God. She lay in my arms, we were nose to nose…and I felt a piece of my heart leave as she took her last breath. I pulled her closer, not really possible, and I held her tight. I continued to hold her for two more hours, her head and face soaked from my tears.

Nearly sixteen years of pure joy…

My longest relationship…

My only experience of maternal love…

My constant companion…

My best friend…my soul mate!

As blessed as I was to know Bailey her whole life… I was always so happy to share her with everyone. She was a teacher and healer in her own right! Thank you all for loving her.

Bay Bay… I love you with every ounce of my soul.