What Parents and Kids are saying

I've been taking my kids to see Dr. Cree since they were newborns. Dr. Cree is a wonderful doctor. She talks AND listens to the kids, and has been attuned to them at all ages and stages of their lives. A trip to her office is a treat my kids look forward to, and is never complete without feeding her dog Bailey a treat and checking out the toys in the playroom. Now that my kids are older, I can also let them play in the playroom while Cree treats me, which makes scheduling a lot easier. Cree has a great outlook on the world. A trip to her office relieves all my aches and pains and makes my day a little happier.

- Jen
ranch_kidsI am a long-standing patient of Dr. Cree and have taken my children to see her since they were born. While pregnant, she helped me stay comfortable and pain free. She has an amazing gift for keeping me and my children healthy and active. As babies, she would help them with everything from constipation to ear infections. They always love going to see Dr. Cree and look forward to getting adjusted. They are so comfortable in her office and love visiting with her and her staff. I know that chiropractic is helping them grow to be strong and healthy.

- Sharon
If you're looking for an experienced, super friendly, knowlegable, chiropractor who tailors each treatment to your individual needs...look no further. Dr. Cree Guardino is a God send. She genuinely loves her patience and keeps up with whats going on in our lives. She is full of joy and has a very caring ay about her. Whether car accident, routine adjustment, or sports injury, Dr. Cree has the mad skills to get you back on your way to feeling great.

cree_lia>Like many chiropractors Cree is focused on the body as a whole and how it works together. She is focused on wellness of body, mind, and spirit. I love that I can talk to her about anything going on in my body or mind. She's a great listener and sometimes I feel like my adjustments are just as much a mental health session! ;) It is easy to tell right off the bat that all of her patients love her.
The office has two massage chairs, which I have used with great delight, while waiting to be seen. Cree also adjusts children and has a special kid friendly room for them. The office is always very clean and peaceful. It's usually really easy to get a chiropractic appointment, even on the same day. The office staff have always been amazing. Currently Gianna is working the front desk and is a joy to be greeted by. She always has a great big welcoming smile for everyone who walks in the door. Parking is on the street or behind the office.
She is FABULOUS. She is honest, down-to-earth, and good at her job. I feel amazing after my appointments. If you have children, this place is child-friendly. There are toys to play with, a changing table, etc. Her dog (Bailey) is also a great distraction for the kids. That being said, if you don't like children or dogs, this may not be the right place for you...because there are almost always both of those: kids and animals.

When I developed sciatica symptoms during the pregnancy with my first child, I started seeing Dr. Cree. She helped control my sciatica and continued to treat me for various health issues. Additionally, she has treated both my >children since birth. Dr. Cree is very knowledgeable and her nurturing manner has a way of making my family feel comfortable while they are being adjusted. The main reason we have been patients for more than 10 years is that Dr. Cree focuses her practice on healthy living and teaches me and my children what they can do to prevent injuries. This has resulted in Dr. Cree not just treating the same symptoms over and over.


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